Our Story

How Did They Do It?

It's a question we've always asked thriving professionals. What was their path to success? What were the books they read, the courses they took, the extracurricular activities they participated in that led them to achieve? The answers have never been in one place.

Until now.

Prepfoleo exists to inspire and empower students to find knowledge outside of school. We want to create an education revolution where success is crowdsourced, where learning experiences are curated, where everyone can learn "how did they do it?" Only at Prepfoleo will you be able to find educational resources handpicked by the very people who used them. Only here will you find a community of mentors at the ready. Only here will you find students searching for the training tools that will get them to their goals.

We know that most student learning happens outside the classroom, while most learning experts are in the classroom. We know that race, gender and socioeconomic status affect the educational resources students can access. And we know that students and parents today are faced with unlimited options but limited time and money. The education environment we are sending our students into has never been more intense; the job market when they graduate, never more competitive. The demands are many. But guidance is scarce.

Prepfoleo is here to fill that void. We call all professionals – engineers, scientists, writers, architects, entrepreneurs, chefs, directors...those who went to traditional colleges and universities and those who did it their own way. Help us level the playing field for the next generation by sharing what has helped you. And we seek the students and families who are interested in a particular career or those who have no idea where to begin. You'll find what you need at Prepfoleo.

Welcome to a new kind of education network. Now let's break down the walls and build the future.

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