What is Prepfoleo?
Prepfoleo is an online network of professionally curated resources where parents and students can discover the keys to academic and career success.

Who is Prepfoleo designed for?
We designed Prepfoleo for three groups:

  • Professionals share educational resources that contributed to their success, while offering guidance to thousands of parents and students.
  • Parents curate a collection of educational materials for their children to help them explore their interests.
  • Students learn directly from the professionals they aspire to be.

How does Prepfoleo help parents and students?
Prepfoleo offers analytical tools and a network of vetted professionals, called PrepPros, who use Prepfoleo specifically to help parents and their students find the best resources to inform their academic and career choices. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn from those who were in the same position that they are in now, and came out on top.

Who are PrepPros and how are they selected?
PrepPros are individuals hand-picked by the Prepfoleo team based on occupation, experience, and the value of the content they share with the Prepfoleo community. We are constantly on the lookout for PrepPro candidates, and invite professionals to contact us if they are interested in joining our growing community.

Why should professionals join Prepfoleo?
Becoming a PrepPro gives professionals an opportunity to showcase their achievements and share educational resources that contributed to their success. Prepfoleo gives professionals the capacity to mentor thousands of students and help put them on the right career path. They also enjoy access to a worldwide community where they may expand their network by connecting with other likeminded professionals.

What is the advantage of using Prepfoleo over similar social media websites?
Prepfoleo is designed specifically to connect students and parents with professionals to learn from their experience and set them on the path to success. We’ve identified a core group of users as PrepPros for parents and students to use as trusted resources when looking for academic and career materials. And, Prepfoleo users don’t need to worry about receiving spam or advertisements; our focus is on developing the next generation of professionals.

How do I connect with other Prepfoleo users?
Any Prepfoleo user has the option to connect with another user by clicking the “Follow” button on his or her profile. Connected users can see each other’s resources and recommend what they find most helpful in their academic and career development.

As a parent, can I set up an account for my student?
Students are encouraged to set up accounts in their own name to explore firsthand the resources that have shaped professionals into the people they are today.

What if I still have questions not answered on this page?
Please feel free to send any additional questions to info@prepfoleo.com, for a prompt response from our team.