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Prepfoleo is a community of students, parents and leading professionals curating and crowdsourcing valuable educational resources.

Help guide your student to the right resources by exploring Prepfoleo’s catalog of educational items and experiences curated by top professionals.


Connect with top experts in professions that interest you and discover the resources that they used along their path to success.

Share educational resources that contributed to your success, while offering guidance to millions of parents and students.

Discover Educational Resources Recommended by Experts Students and parents on have exclusive access to a catalog of educational resources vetted by leaders across a wide range of professions. With access to this information, parents and students can make better decisions on their investments in education.

Learn from Top Professionals Ever wondered which educational resources have contributed to the success of today’s leading professionals? Prepfoleo brings this information right to your fingertips through our PrepPro profiles. Experts in all fields from the world’s top universities showcase and curate educational items and content to inspire and guide students who wish to follow in their footsteps.

Drive Your Educational Decisions with Data Prepfoleo brings the data behind educational resources to the forefront allowing parents and students to now choose the resources that best fit educational and career goals.

Curate and Share Your Favorite Educational Resources Curate, share and organize educational content, learning experiences and valuable training tools that have shaped your journey across various educational stages — from pre-school to graduate school.

"Real access to a real community of professionals and parents and the resources they have found success with."
— Joseph Harrison, professional, NYC

"Prepfoleo has the potential to help students and parents overcome the obstacle of accessing the resources and real-world experiences that are hard to replicate."
— Monica Hubbard, parent, Chicago, IL

"An online academic tool providing channels of communication between professionals and students, allowing mentorship and career development through shared resources."
— Varlerie Gutierrez, student, Charlotte, NC